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A lot going on these days, hope everyone is doing well and learning to deal with all the melee that 2020 had come to bring us.

You may have noticed from our Facebook posts that we've recently created a photography portion of our website. It's really been an interesting and eye-opening experience getting into this world and we wanted to give you a little backstory to help to better explain.

So as with any problem comes the inevitable solution, as a website catering to a customer who not only demands the best but deserves the best, we were looking to up the quality of our product pictures and our social media.

With this, we did some research, and with the help of some local paintball photography celebrities, namely Brian Morrill and Soulless Photography Matt Dunn, we got on the right track. If you don't recognize either of those names, they both are putting out some amazing work for the game these days.

Brian Morrill Photo Services

Matt Dunn of Soulless Photography

So as of late we've been attending events, taking video, pictures. We'll link both our YouTube and photography sites below.

Apparently there is a demand for quality event content that we did not realize. We then rushed to put together a gallery for our website. The link is in the header of our site "Photography", this is where we'll be posting our recent event highlights.

These are free to use, just please tag our social media in the pictures whenever you use them. We'd appreciate the credit. We'll be posting both edited photos as well as raw photos to this site. There is a fee for using them which goes to cover the cost of the hosting subscription. We aren't trying to gouge anyone here, just trying to get some great pictures our to help our sport, as well as our local teams, grow the game.

We didn't anticipate this but we are also now offering our services to local/national teams who are looking for a reasonable cost on event coverage. We will be shooting both videos as well as pictures and are happy to work out a reasonable price. Contact us via our website, any of our social media or email at

Hope you enjoy the coming content and check out the recent event videos on our youtube channel (Comp Paintball). Be safe and look forward to positive things to come.

Thanks CompSports.Us CompPhotography.Us

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