Infamous CS2 Pro DNA - Ghost Comp Paintball
Infamous CS2 Pro DNA - Ghost Comp Paintball
Infamous CS2 Pro DNA - Ghost Comp Paintball
Infamous CS2 Pro DNA - Ghost Comp Paintball
Infamous CS2 Pro DNA - Ghost Comp Paintball
Infamous CS2 Pro DNA - Ghost Comp Paintball
Infamous CS2 Pro DNA - Ghost Comp Paintball
Infamous CS2 Pro DNA - Ghost Comp Paintball
Infamous CS2 Pro DNA - Ghost Comp Paintball

Infamous CS2 Pro DNA - Ghost

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Infamous CS2 Pro DNA - Ghost

The Skeleton Squad hits the market with their ALL NEW Infamous Skull Edition CS2Pro DNA Marker by Planet Eclipse. This Gen 2 custom milled and anodized marker is truly a work of art built to the exact specifications of legendary Pro Team Infamous.  The Pro DNA model streamlines the body by milling ounces of meat off while still maintaining the iconic style.  The 3D milled skull into the back cap and sleek main body milling this limited edition badass marker is sure to be a collector's item.  Built off of Planet Eclipse's proven platform and ultra-successful CS2 line this marker is ready to snatch souls on and off the field. 

      New Features:

      • All New CS2Pro DNA Streamlined Skull Custom Milled Body
      • Three Shaft FL bore sections (.681 / .685 / .689)
      • Planet's latest Aluminum Tip
      • Blade & Sythe Trigger Shoes (Plus Infamous Deuce to the first 25)
      • Gen 2 Custom Infamous Milled Body (ounces lighter)
      • Custom Infamous Milled Skull Back Cap
      • Custom Milled Pro DNA Skull logo on Body
      • New Color Combinations
      • Custom Skull CS OG Patch (Skull Owners Group)
      • Official Owners Card - Signed By Infamous Pro Team Players
      • Infamous LE Adjustable Deuce CS2 Trigger (For the first 25 sold!) 


      + ALL NEW CS2Pro DNA Streamlined Skull Custom Milled Body
      + GP Core Drivetrain
      + BLE Bluetooth On-Board
      + Quick Release Eye Covers
      + CS2 Frame With Reduced Profile and Increased Rake Angle
      + Hoseless Air Transfer System
      + CS2 Bespoke POPS Assembly
      + Adjustable Rake Blade Trigger (Interchangeable)
      + Adjustable Rake Scythe Trigger (Interchangeable)
      + CS2Pro Bespoke Back Cap For Quick Release Bolt Mechanism
      + Shaft FL Barrel System With 0.681" / 0.685" / 0.689" Inserts And Rubber Grip
      + Shaft FL Aluminum Barrel Tip - Total Length 14.5"
      + Two-Piece Tool-Less Wrap-Around Interlocking Grips With Integrated Push-Button Console And Display Lens 
      + Low Profile Feed Neck With Locking Sprocket Wheel
      + Non-Slip Rubberized Foregrip/Battery Cover
      + Lock N' Load Battery Holder
      + 2 X AA Battery Operation
      + Tool-Less Battery Replacement
      + SL5 Inline Regulator In Grip Frame
      + Quick Separation of Frame and Body - All Electronics In-Frame
      + 105Psi Operating Pressure
      + Ultra Low Power SMC Solenoid Pilot Valve
      + User-Serviceable Solenoid Spool
      + Parallel Processing with Two 16bit Microprocessors
      + Micro USB Programming Port
      + E-portal Compatible

      The game may change, but our focus never falters. Our desire to produce the very best paintball markers on the planet; unwavering.

      The CS2 Pro is born of those desires and honed with laser-like focus to be the best. To be used by the best. To conquer. And to win.

      The CS line has evolved. The CS prefix now dictates not a system or a platform or a drivetrain, but instead denotes our premier line. Our current technological peak. Each CS variant should be taken in isolation and not simply as an iteration of the previous numeric revision. The CS1 and CS2 may share few parts, and fewer principle functions, but they do share the same Eclipse DNA that flows through all our products. Performance, Reliability, Simplicity. Core attributes that run through them and define them. Built and supported the Eclipse way.


      Of course, there are other features that players have come to expect from an Eclipse marker and may even take for granted. Like the hardshell case. The instruction manual and supporting video library of technical information. The tools and spares bundle. And of course the most extensive support network in the industry with more trained technicians at more events around the globe than any other manufacturer with extensive online technical support presence and even people on the end of a phone you can pick up and call if you ever need it. Eclipse really does have your back.

      But at the end of the day, it's what happens on the field that really counts. Words mean for nothing there. It's where hard work, sweat and tears will take you to the prize. And it's where the tool in your hands can be the difference between winning and losing that prize. And that's what the CS2Pro was born for.